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Round 3: Hou Yifan increases her lead
IMG 2543Hou Yifan won the third game of the Women’s World Championship Match and is now two points ahead of Anna Ushenina.  Although both opponents seemed well-prepared in the sharp line of Nimzo-Indian, Black’s 15...Rc8 forced World Champion to sink into deep thought. After 40 minutes Anna came out with dubious decision which turned out to be the start of her troubles. Hou Yifan didn’t miss her chance to fight for initiative, made few very precise decisions and after 24 moves the game was over.

18. Bf7!? was an interesting attempt to complicate the position after 18…Rf7 19. e6. “I didn’t calculate it deeply but I think Black is not worse here”, pointed out Hou Yifan. Anna Ushenina also considered this opportunity but could not estimate the position. “I need to check this line with my computer to have a final conclusion”, said World Champion.  After 18.a4 Ba4! White could not prove to have enough compensation for exchange and pawn.


The first Saturday of the Match and the playing hall became full of spectators.

Chinese journalists and Anna Ushenina are waiting for Hou Yifan.Only 2 minutes left…
After tough examination deputy arbiter Carol Jarecki let her come inside. 
 The third game of the Match is on the way
 The spectators moved to the press center to watch the game on one of TV screens.
 FIDE Supervisor Ali Nihat Yazici and small chess fan
Press conference after the game
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