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Round 5: draw in 61 moves
IMG 2847The fifth game of the Women’s World Championship Match also finished in a draw. According to regulations and drawing of colors, Hou Yifan had white pieces for the second time in a row. Once again Keres Attack appeared on the board and both teams seemed ready for theoretical battle. It was Anna Ushenina who chose another line compare to the previous game, nevertheless, as in the fourth round, the game was transferred to the ending quite quickly.  Anna Ushenina managed to get quite promising position but missed her chance to fight for advantage after 21…Rh4. Hou Yifan was defending precisely and didn’t give another chance to her opponent. Hou Yifan has 3,5 points and Anna Ushenina 1,5 points after five games.

After 18.Ne2 Black has many choices. Anna Ushenina managed to find an interesting way to activate her pieces and to get rid of triple pawns: 18…Rb4!? 19. Bd3 f5!?


Hou Yifan played 21.Nc3 and World Champion missed her chance to play for win after 21…Rh4


Chief Arbiter Panagiotis Nikolopoulos, Delegate & Vice General Secretary Mrs. Abigail TIAN, Dr. Jana Bellin and volunteers.


General Secretary of Chinese Chess Association and second of Hou Yifan GM Ye Jiangchuan.

World Champion Anna Ushenina before the fifth game of the Match.


The challenger and former World Champion Hou Yifan.


Anna Ushenina discusses the game with her seconds Anton Korobov and Alexander Khalifman.  To equalize the score in the Match Anna Ushenina needs to win 2 games in the next rounds.


Hou Yifan with her mother, who always comes to support Yifan during the tournaments.
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